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John Learns the Deadlift at 90

YOU CAN GET STRONGER! As we age, we lose fitness—power, stamina, flexibility, endurance, and balance. But the most important of all fitness components is strength. In our fifth decade and beyond, we can lose muscle tissue rapidly, and we lose precisely those muscle fibers that are most important for strength and power. With the loss of muscle and strength comes brittle bones, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, back pain, frailty, falls, and loss of independence.

This is unacceptable. And we don’t have to accept it, because we can hang on to muscle tissue and actually increase our strength…at any age. At Greysteel, our mission is to make older adults stronger, fitter, and healthier , using a safe, simple, scientifically-based program composed of just a few barbell exercises. These exercises are just normal human movement patterns that we all use every day: Sitting down and standing up. Pushing something away or overhead. Picking something up from the floor. Together, these movements use almost every muscle and joint in the body and capture the full repertoire of human motion. We make all these movements stronger with barbells.

If you can still stand out of a chair, lift a kitten off the floor, and raise your arms overhead, we can make you stronger.


A growing body of published research shows that strength training is the most important form of exercise for those in their 40s and beyond. At Greysteel, we use rational, scientifically-based programming principles to get you stronger, step-by-step, pound-by-pound, month after month. The results are astonishing, and indisputable. You’ll see dramatic, quantifiable improvements right away. You don’t have to believe us. Try it, and your own training log will tell you what you need to know. Our 2-day-a-week program is hard work, but it’s fun, simple, safe, and, above all, incredibly effective.

You will amaze yourself.


At Greysteel, all training is semi-private. All clients are supervised and coached personally by Dr. Sullivan at all times. The constant emphasis is on safe, correct performance of the exercises and carefully planned, steady progress.

Coaching Proper Back Extension in the Deadlift

Because we specialize in clients over 40, we understand the importance of focusing on what you can do, rather than what you can’t. Our programs use classic training principles to increase strength, but are modified to fit the needs of aging adults so that you can make safe, steady, long-term progress in fitness. Your program will be tailored to match your needs and abilities and get you as strong and fit as possible. If you have problems with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, blood pressure, or other medical conditions, we will work with you and your doctor to optimize your strength and conditioning.


Jonathon Sullivan MD, PhD, FACEP, SSC is an emergency physician, physiologist, and Starting Strength Coach. From 1992 until 2012, he conducted laboratory research on brain injury and repair after cardiac arrest and stroke. He has served as a scientific reviewer for the Emergency Medicine Foundation for nearly 15 years. He continues to treat patients and teaches emergency medicine at a Level I Trauma Center. He is an active member of the Starting Strength Coaches Association, and serves as Chairman of the Associations’ Science Committee.

Dr. Sullivan Coaching the Bench

Dr. Sullivan is the author of dozens of scientific papers, research abstracts, reviews, and book chapters, and frequently publishes articles on strength training and health for older adults.

Greysteel Strength and Conditioning is the first and only Starting Strength Gym in the Detroit Metro Area. Greysteel is the best gym in the midwestern United States for adults over 50 who are serious about fitness. Period.


Contact us for more information about training at Gresysteel. In the meantime, watch this blog for frequent articles about health, fitness, training, diet, and more.

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