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is the

single best facility in the world

for improving the functional strength of adults in the second half of life. 

That's a bold claim, we know, but it's true.  Our expertise, experience, and above all our results are the best you'll find anywhere.  


Greysteel offers semi-private training with constant attention from a trained coach experienced in getting people over 50 strong, efficiently and safely.  We tailor exercise selection, programming, conditioning, and goals to meet your needs. Members train under the constant personal supervision of Dr. Sullivan or Coach Noah Hayden, PBC, both of whom have years of experience in coaching older adults and making them stronger. 


Membership is $500 a month.  Membership retention is high and we train only 3 members during any session, so availability is limited.


To see if membership is right for you, book a Free Initial Consultation with Dr. Sullivan. We'll discuss your background, your needs, your problems, and your goals, and conduct a brief movement assessment. We're looking forward to meeting you. 

Due to very heavy demand and very high member retention, Greysteel is CLOSED to new clients at this time. We anticipate the addition of coaching staff in early 2024. We will re-open to initial consultations when new memberships become available. Please keep checking for availability.

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