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Jamie deadlift setup


Get the prescription, read the prescription, take the prescription!


The short answer is: YES. Almost anybody can get stronger with the Barbell Prescription and become an Athlete of Aging. If your doctor has told you to exercise, and if you can get out of a chair and walk around your house, you're ready for the Barbell Prescription.


Written by a physician-scientist and one of the most experienced coaches for older adults in the world, The Barbell Prescription is the book on strength training as the cornerstone of health and fitness for older adults.  


The strongest and most effective exercise medicine for healthy aging requires good equipment, good programming, and good coaching. Start your journey as an Athlete of Aging with the professional help you need. We can can help. 

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

 If you are already active, and   over 50, the Barbell   Prescription is suitable for   you! It will help you do what   you do--BETTER. 

The Barbell Prescription is the best book ever written on exercise over fifty.
Deadlifting after 65

Val Rosengren
Age 71

"Six years ago I was 65 years old and diagnosed with sarcopenia, a loss of muscle specifically related to aging. I weighed 106 pounds, had skinny arms, legs and skin stretched over bone on my back.

Today I am 71 years old have been following Sully's Barbell Prescription of lifting heavy weights and eating sufficient protein. I'm a different woman now thanks to Sully and Greysteel. 


My back no longer hurts, I can pick up salt bags, and keep my husband in line. Now I'm 117 lbs of walking, talking death and destruction, who can also deadlift in the 180s. Life is great in Greysteel-ville. Training at Greysteel is the highlight of my week!"


John Claassen
Age 94

"Post-retirement life began for me at age 89 when I started strength training at Greysteel. I needed improve my balance and to avoid falls. I wasn’t doing enough to fight off  weakness and creeping negativity. I did my homework and disovered that strength training was possible at my age with professional supervision. The twice-weekly program Sully developed for me fit the bill, with squats, curls, deadlifts, bench press and high intensity conditioning.


We’ve been at this for five years. I’ve increased muscle mass and balance. My deadlift has gone from 25 lbs. to 250 lbs. and I continue to progress in all show progress in my other lifts as well.


I am 94 years old now…I feel good about myself in a program that has reduced the deleterious effects of aging. Who knows how far this will go? Thank you, Sully, for being a vital part of my new adventure."


John Rosengren
Age 72

I'm a medical sponge. In the past 4 years I've had cancer surgery, knee surgery, hip replacement, radiation oncology treatment and all other kinds of stuff. After each of these events, I recover beautifully. How? Simple. I keep taking my Barbell Prescription.


Nothing in the world provides better recovery than squats, benches, presses and deadlifts. My docs are now recommending weight training to staff and other patients. For once in my life, I am a shining example of how to gracefully age through difficult circumstances. All because of The Barbell Prescription!


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