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Greysteel Clinic Membership

If you live in the Detroit Metro Area, consider becoming a Greysteel Athlete!  We offer a 2-day/week semi-private training program, specifically designed for older adults.  Come in for a free initial consultation.

Platform Coaching

Greysteel offers private 2-hour consultations

by appointment only, including a 2-hour introduction to barbells session for new trainees.  Get instruction in the barbell movements, or perfect your form with an experienced coach.

Video Consultation and Review 

Video consultations are more than just a Zoom call.  We do intensive review and research on your specific issues, discuss with you over video, and send you a written report with our findings and recommendations.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Sullivan is available for public or private lectures, presentations, podcasts, panels, and interviews by prior arrangement.  You can also commission articles, white pages, research and other services here.  

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