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Fat Doom, Heart Health, and the Silly Season: An Update

It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

Top of the list of crazies is the release of my new book with Andy Baker, The Barbell Prescription. It's already sold about 2000 copies and is being very well-received. You can pick yours up today at Aasgaard or Amazon.

The second episode of our Greysteel Channel, Aging Sucks! Aging Rocks! is online. Take a look. If you haven't subscribed to our channel, well...I hope you'll think about it.

Also, we recently launched the Starting Strength Online Coaching platform. Nothing comes close to having a real coach work with you in real time, but if, like most people on this planet, you don't live close to an SSC, you really should check out this alternative, which is the next best thing--far better than any other online coaching service, or even most in-person coaching services.

I've always been leery of online coaching, but it's a thing, and somebody had to step up to deliver the quality alternative. I've been involved in Starting Strength Online Coaching for a week now, and I'm blown away by the platform design and preparation by Matt Reynolds and the rest of the staff, which permits me and my fellow coaches to deliver the very best remote coaching in the industry. Full stop. Finally, I want to direct your attention to a couple of brilliant and important articles that recently hit, and to point out that my friend CJ Gotcher is author on both of them, and my other friend Austin Baraki MD is co-author on one*. In Nobody is Doomed to be Fat, CJ makes the (unfortunately) courageous case that, while our enviornment and genetics are important, they are NOT the be-all and end-all of our destiny, despite the case for surrender being made by many in the so-called "fat-acceptance" movement.

I want this article to be widely read, because it deserves to be, because it's important, and because I hope to see it precipitate a Category 12 shit-storm. The idea that we are helpless victims of our environment, genetics and culture is incredibly pernicious and destructive, and also increasingly prevalent. CJ's article is a much-needed frontal assault on this perspective. Read it and share it. CJ and Austin co-wrote this excellent article on strength training and cardiovascular health, now up at Starting Strength. I was honored to participate in a small way in the production of this piece, but when I saw the finished product, I was blown away by its scope and depth. You really have to read it.

Things are getting hairy with the Online Coaching and the Book and the Greysteel Channel and the Silly Season and all the yelling and the shouting and the biting and the scratching, but we'll be posting plenty in the New Year. Enjoy your families, friends, free time and festivities in Strength and Health, my friends. Talk to you soon.

*This should not be taken to indicate that I only have two friends. I have at least two or three times that many.

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