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We're hunkered down, locked down, feeling down. Many of us work out in commercial gym spaces and suddenly we're without access to our bars and plates and racks. Clearly, this sucks...although it's also a reminder of how important our training is, how deeply embedded it is in our lifestyle.

If you are lucky enough to have a home gym or access to a private facility with barbells right now, give thanks to whatever deity or principle stands in for Providence in your world view. If not, you need a program that uses what you have at hand. There are no shortages of such programs out there. A cursory search will pull up dozens. This one is mine, designed with my in-person Masters and their particular capacities in mind. Perhaps you will find it useful. At this time, the particular program is less important than just finding one, choosing one, doing one, and sticking with it. It's about maintaining fitness, to be sure, but it's also a physical affirmation that this, too, shall pass. The document can be retrieved by clicking on the preview image below. An accompanying video was produced, but for some reason we're having trouble rendering it, so for now we have a rough cut available for you. We'll replace it as soon as we can get a clean render, but for now it's perfectly serviceable.

You can still train. So get busy.

Click the image above for the written program (PDF).

Here's an instructional video to accompany the workout. We're unable to do a finished render at the moment, so this is a screen capture of our final edit, which you should find serviceable.

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