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Announcing The Greysteel Channel

Today, November 21, 2016, a date that will live in infamy, we officially began posting structured content to channel on YouTube:

The Greysteel Channel is dedicated to strong, healthy aging, and everything relevant to that topic will be grist for our mill: the biology of aging, diet, sleep, medical issues, commonly prescribed medications, supplements...everything.

But as you may have guessed, the primary focus of the Greysteel Channel will be exercise medicine, the most powerful tonic we have, or are ever likely to have, to combat the Sick Aging Phenotype. So we'll talk about how exercise medicine becomes the exercise prescription, and how the exercise prescription becomes The Barbell Prescription--a training program for the Masters Athlete. There will be videos on why the squat, press, dead and clean satisfy a General Exercise Prescription for the aging adult, common problems encountered in training Masters, program modifications, and technical tips. There will be interviews, news, platform videos, client profiles, and an occasional video designed to inspire you to get your butt back in the gym even when you don't feel like it.

I'm not a filmmaker. I'm not a videographer. I'm not a YouTuber, and I'm not being supported or produced by PBS Digital Studios. I'm an amateur and a one-man show for now, learning as I go. Chief Cook and Bottle Washer I am, and I'm sure I'll make a lot of mistakes along the way, especially in the technical aspects of photography, editing, and production. (In fact, I've already made some doozies.) I'm a quick learner, though, and I'll get better at that stuff.

But my focus will always be on the content--presenting

the best information I can find to help dedicated people in middle age and beyond age with strength, power, vigor and health. It won't be the slickest or prettiest channel on YouTube...but it will deliver the goods.

If you read this blog or follow Greysteel on Facebook, I hope you'll consider subscribing to our little channel, coming along for the ride, and sharing this work with people who might benefit from it. I made it for them.

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