At the top of the deadlift, you must become an unbending Tower of Power, with all the forces acting vertically. This position strengthens the back, the knees, and the skeleton. Learn how to finish your deadlift strong!

Every now and then, somebody tries to take us to task for using the term "Athlete of Aging." The objection is always strictly semantic, fastidious, sclerotic...and, well, obtuse. As in, "wow, Dude, you really missed the entire point."

Most recently, somebody sent me t...

The Omega Rep is the process by which the bar is properly returned to the rack at the end of the set. Sully describes how the proper performance of the Omega rep insures that every set ends with safety, authority, and dignity. All you have to do is remember the four ma...

In many ways, the most important rep of the set is the one you never log--the ZEROTH rep, the one in which the bar is unracked and carried out. The zeroth rep has a big impact on the technical parameters of the remaining reps of the set. Give it the respect it deserves...

As of Saturday 4-5-2020, we are looking at the worst yet to come still ahead...and the end, which WILL come, still ahead. Stay safe, stay smart, stay sheltered, and stay active!


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We're hunkered down, locked down, feeling down. Many of us work out in commercial gym spaces and suddenly we're without access to our bars and plates and racks. Clearly, this sucks...although it's also a reminder of how important our training is, how deeply embedded it...

Drs. Jonathon Sullivan of Greysteel and John Petrizzo of the exercise science faculty of Adelphi University discuss papers on programming, hypertrophy, creatine, nutrition, and over-the-counter pain meds in the March 2020 edition of the Greysteel Research Review.

We've had a lot of discussion this week on the PoG page--the Facebook page for Patrons of Greysteel--about the coronavirus outbreak. Some of it was a bit doom-and-gloom, some of it sounded prematurely post-apocalyptic, and most of it was common sense. We are all Master...

Sully talks about creatine, one of the few supplements he recommends for the Athlete of Aging training for strength.

As we discussed in a recent short video on the Greysteel Channel, barbell training is a precision activity.

Precision is an interesting word. It does not actually denote a correct activity or measurement, but it does denote an exacting and highly reproducible mea...

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